Cleaning Product

Ozo Flush

The very basic unit in poultry house is water. Along with clean water it is equally important to have clean water delivery system. It includes water tank and water distribution system. Unique chemical blend of selected Inorganic and Organic Acids helps remove solid deposits, scales, impurities and most importantly biofilms.

Dose -

Cleaning and descaling water lines - 25 ml / Litre of water

Cooling pads - 25 ml / Litre of water

A.I. Tips - Dip for 30 min and rinse.

Ozo Clean

OzoClean is General Purpose Cleaner and it is compatible with most of the Biocides. It can be used for cleaning, foam cleaning and farm area cleaning.

Dosage and application -

General Purpose Cleaning - 4 - 8 ml / litre of water

Foam Cleaning - 8 - 16 ml / litre of water

Farm premises wash down - 1 litre per 600 litre of water