Disinfectants Product

Ozo Gurad

Broad spectrum, 100% non-irritant, nanotechnology based disinfectant.

OzoGuard is potent nanotechnology based combination composing Two Quaternary Ammonium Compound and Guanidine. Potent composition and nanotechnology ensures complete protection at minimum dosage.

Application - It has wide application right from egg storage room, hatchery, at farm (in presence of water).

Dosage – 2 ml/litre of water (Please refer to brochure for detailed application and dosage)

Presentation – 1 litre and 500 ml.

Ozo Fect

This is Modern Chemo Gaseous Sterilizing Agent. It has dual mode of action. On application it acts as contact sterilant, which further upon drying releases gaseous fumes. OzoFect basically covers all loopholes which are missed during fumigation.

OzoFect is blend of,
Strong Glutaraldehyde Solution - 15% w/v
Formaldehyde - 15% w/v
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium chloride - 5% w/v

Dosage and Application -

Empty shed disinfection - 7ml / litre of water Spray
Hatcher / setter disinfection - 7 ml / litre of water Spray
Hatcher / setter fogging - 70 ml / litre of water ULV fogging
Hatching egg fogging - 70 ml / litre of water ULV Fogging
Hatchery disinfection fogging - 70 ml / litre of water Thermal fogging