We are Ozone Biosecurity & Nutritional Services Pvt. Ltd., and for the past 6 years have been providing our clients with services that include Hygiene audit of farms & hatchery, water analysis etc. all of which has given us an intimate knowledge of the operational constraints within which farmers must perform especially in times of increased bioburden.

This intimate relationship with the poultry / dairy industry and listening to the wishes of farmers / operators has put us in a unique position to offer products of disinfection and cleaning because nothing boosts efficiency in production and output like a well established bio-security regimen.

We feel that the synergy resulting from our new product introductions and our existing services will work to the benefit of our clients operations by elevating standards of health and hygiene at the farm level, providing progressive operators the means to overcome incidences of disease outbreaks and show them the way to better efficiencies in production, output and profitability.

Our special Team

Founder Director

Mr. Jitendra D. Suryawanshi

M.Sc. Biotechnology

Mr. Ravindra B. Aher

B.Sc. Zoology

Mr. Neerav J. Desai

M. Com


Blog Ozone

Life starts in full fledge when it has been afforded required conditions. Biosecurity is one important prerequisite for every life. Ozone has perceived the same and through rigorous studies and research, it has developed unique biosecurity products for poultry birds. Each product has very specific role in production cycle.Ozone has taken care to cover all lacunas which were never taken care earlier.

Blog Ozo Guard

When it is not about killing only; but protecting interest of birds the only choice we have is OzoGuard. Unique of its kind, OzoGuard is only non-irritant disinfectant. Potent composition of OzoGuard ensures complete coverage against all pathogens. This is Nanotechnology derived product which helps uniform spread and maintain presence for longer duration across the environment.